Where is my Polling Location/What is my Precinct Number?

Continue to check with the Victoria County Elections Administrator’s Office for updated Polling Locations by clicking here.

1 Hopkins Academy Hopkins Road
2 Victoria County Courthouse 115 N. Bridge Street
3 Trinity Episcopal Church 1501 N. Glass Street
4 Patti Welder Magnet School 1604 E. North Street
5 Crain Middle School 2706 N. Azalea
6 Family Worship Center 501 Sam Houston
7 O’Connor Magnet School 3402 Bobolink
8 Shield’s Magnet School 3400 Bluebonnet
9 National Guard Armory Mockingbird
10 Liberty Academy 1110 Sam Houston Drive
11 Precinct 4 Portable Building 14721 J-2 Ranch Road
12 Placedo Volunteer Fire Station 284 Williams Road, Placedo
13 Bloomington Fire Station 552 2nd Street West, Bloomington
14 Guadalupe Elementary School 1952 Guadalupe Road
15 McFaddin School Building 1993 FM 445, McFaddin
16 Kemper City Community Center 405 Kemper City Road South
17 Howell Middle School 2502 Fannin
18 Aloe Elementary School 62 Chaparral Dr, (US Hwy 59 S)
19 Smith Magnet School 2901 Erwin
20 Wilson Residence 4543 FM 236, Victoria, 77905
21 Vickers Elementary School 708 Glascow
22 Mission Valley Volunteer Fire Department 34 Reinecke Road, Mission Valley
23 Precinct No.2 Service Center 13323 Nursery Drive, Nursery
24 Heritage Funeral Chapel 8919 US. Highway 87 North
25 Rowland Elementary School 2706 Leary Lane
26 Telferner United Methodist Church 81 Old Highway Rd, Telferner
27 Inez Volunteer Fire Department 297 Railroad St., Inez
28 William Wood Elementary School 183 Wood Hi School Road
29 Deleon Elementary School 1002 Santa Barbara
30 Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church 4102 N. Ben Jordan
31 Tanglewood Clubhouse Rosewood
32 VISD Administration Building 102 Profit Drive
33 Holy Family Catholic Church 704 Mallette Drive
34 Dudley Magnet School 3307 Callis
35 FW Gross Montessori School 1208 S. Navarro

What do I need to Vote?

You can vote with any of the following:

-voter registration card
-a driver’s license or personal identification card issued to you by the Department of Public Safety or a similar document issued to you by an agency of another state, regardless of whether the license or card has expired;
-a form of identification containing your photograph that establishes your identity;
-a birth certificate or other document confirming birth that is admissible in a court of law and establishes your identity;
-United States citizenship papers issued to you;
-a United States passport issued to you;
-official mail addressed to you, by name, from a governmental entity;
-a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.

Continue to check back regarding updates on the Voter ID Bill!

SB14 the “Voter ID Bill”-is pending approval by the Department of Justice.  However, according to SB14, to vote in Texas, an individual must have one of the following:

-A Texas driver’s license
-A personal identification card issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety and featuring the voter’s photograph
-An election identification certificate (this is a new form of state photo identification created by the legislation)
-A U.S. military identification card featuring the voter’s photograph
-A U.S. citizenship certificate featuring the voter’s photograph
-A U.S. passport
-A concealed handgun permit issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety

Fill out an Election Incident Report Form:

Form coming soon!  Please report any election incidents to 361-576-2911 or

To report any kind of machine malfunction, voter discrimination, ballot problems, campaign violations, or anything that looks suspicious, contact us at 361-576-2911 for immediate assistance or fill out an Election Incident Report Form here or e-mail or mail the completed form to:

Victoria County Democratic Party
Attn: Incident Form
PO Box 4965
Victoria, TX 77903