About VCDP: Mission Statement

The mission of the Victoria County Democratic Party is to promote Democratic Principles and Values while encouraging active participation in the election process.  The local Party serves to recruit, train, support and elect  candidates for Victoria County and District offices.


Democratic Values:

Democrats Believe…

-In equality for all citizens by not outsourcing jobs, alleviating the blight of poverty and ensuring fairness in our tax system.
-In a government that does not interfere with our personal lives and upholds fundamental constitutional rights, including the right to privacy, the right to worship as we see fit, and the separation of Church and State.
-In a fair and realistic, but enforced immigration policy.
-In common-sense reforms that give us cleaner and safer air and water.
-In the importance of collective bargaining and labor unions.
-In honoring our veterans and treating them fairly on their return, with quality medical care and other veterans benefits.
-In providing quality education to all children, and rewarding educators appropriately.
-In security at a neighborhood, local, state, and national level.
-In family values that are more than a political slogan.
-In honest, uncorrupt government, where every vote counts and every vote is counted.