Victoria County has 35 Voting Precincts, listed below are the current Precinct Chairs and open Precincts:

Precinct-1 Chair: Mr. James Murphy

Precinct-2 Chair: Ms. Denise Rangel

Precinct-3 Chair: Mr. Philip Guittard

Precinct-4 Chair: Ms. Belinda Cardenas

Precinct-5 Chair: Mr. Arturo Lara

Precinct-6 Chair: Open

Precinct-7 Chair: Ms. Annie Ramos

Precinct-8 Chair: Open

Precinct-9 Chair: Mr. James Stewart

Precinct-10 Chair: Mr. Russel Pruitt

Precinct-11 Chair: Open

Precinct-12 Chair: Mr. Hector Longoria

Precinct-13 Chair: Open

Precinct-14 Chair: Open

Precinct-15 Chair: Open

Precinct-16 Chair: Open

Precinct-17 Chair: Open

Precinct-18 Chair: Open

Precinct-19 Chair: Mr. Mike Rivera

Precinct-20 Chair: Mr. Lummie Peterson

Precinct-21 Chair: Open

Precinct-22 chair: Open

Precinct-23 Chair: Ms. Laura Sanders

Precinct-24 Chair: Dr. Gloria A. Gonzalez

Precinct-25 Chair: Ms. Doris Obsta

Precinct-26 Chair: Open

Precinct-27 Chair: Mr. Mark Meek

Precinct-28 Chair: Open

Precinct-29 Chair: Open

Precinct-30 Chair: Ms. Mary Lou Canales

Precinct-31 Chair: Open

Precinct-32 Chair: Open

Precinct-33 Chair: Mr. James Busby

Precinct-34 Chair: Mr. Henry Perez

Precinct-35 Chair: Open





What is a Precinct Chair?

Victoria County is divided into 35 individual precincts.  The Precinct Chair (PC) is an elected official and serves as the party leader for their voting precinct and is responsible for contacting, guiding and organizing Democratic voters.  In addition to serving as the party leader within their precinct, Precinct Chairs sit on the County Executive Committee to determine the philosophy and direction of the party in Victoria County.

What does a Precinct Chair do?

-Serves on the County Executive Committee (CEC)
-Organizes the precinct
-Organizes and conducts the Precinct Convention
-Encourages primary voters to attend the Precinct Convention
-Acts as a resource for voters and candidates
-Recruits volunteers for the County Party
-Mobilizes voters and GETS THEM TO THE POLLS!

How do I become a Precinct Chair?

The precinct chair is a publicly elected party official and is elected by precinct voters in the Democratic Primary Election (or in the runoff election, if no candidate gets a majority in the first primary). The term of office for a precinct chair is two years, beginning on the 20th day following the Primary runoff election. Qualified candidates may be nominated by their State Senate District and elected by the County Executive Committee to fill vacancies for unexpired term.

To be eligible for the office of precinct chair, an individual must meet these requirements:

-Be 18 years of age or older
-Be a qualified voter who has voted in the latest Democratic primary (not counting runoffs) in the voting year or who has taken an oath of affiliation with the Democratic Party (individuals who voted in the Republican Primary or  signed a petition for a candidate of another party within the voting year are NOT eligible).
-Be a resident of the precinct from which he or she is seeking election
-Not be a candidate for or holder of an elective office of the federal, state, or county government
-(Optional, but highly desirable) have Internet and e-mail capabilities and basic computer skills

Interested in becoming a Precinct Chair?

Contact Cris M. Gonzalez at